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Northeast of Wendover, Utah lies Bonneville Speedway. An unlikely sports venue, barren from all life forms, the Bonneville Salt Flats are considered Utah’s most unique attraction and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1912, the salt flats were first used as a hosting site for motorsports and became increasingly popular for setting land speed records throughout the 1930s, when Ab Jenkins and Sir Malcolm Campbell (both professional racecar drivers) began discovering the race-speed benefits of the 30,000 acres of compacted salty terrain. Various race machines have visited the track and record speeds of even upwards of 600mph have been reached throughout the track’s history.

In terms of two-wheels, the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST) during Speed Week at the salt flats are the ultimate opportunity to reach top speeds featuring motorcycles ranging from 50cc – 3000cc and electric models. Hosting the (AMA) American Motorcycle Association’s Land Speed Grand Championship, the event is a great opportunity to see attempts at breaking land speed records with both the AMA and the ‘Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme’ (FIM).

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Vintage Moto will be making the trip back to Bonneville Salt Flats and encourages you to come race with us. Serious inquiries please reach us at

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